c2learn tools and technologies

While you are playing with our games and playful activities, you are not alone. Artificial Intelligence is working behind the scenes to enhance your gaming experience.

On the one hand, in 4Scribes and Iconoscope C2Assistants are following you: the Mad Scientist, the Wise Oracle, Typical Tom, Progressive Petra, and Chaotic Kate. They are agents with computational intelligence capacities who are there to help you – or maybe disrupt you in your creative adventures. They are generally cautious not to disturb you too much, and by no means do they intend to replace your human co-players and co-creators or intervene in your collaboration with them. But they do have some useful suggestions to make at times.

On the other hand, powerful Semantic, Diagrammatic, and Emotive Reasoning Computational Tools are in function behind Creative Stories, Explore and Expand, Guess What, and House of Emotions, in order to support your Creative Emotional Reasoning. Creative stories uses the Semantic Reasoning Computational Tools Suite to direct you in different lines of Semantic Lateral Thinking while you are writing. The Diagrammatic Reasoning Suite supports your Diagrammatic Lateral Thinking by powering Explore and Expand and Guess What. In House of Emotions, you are supported in your Emotive Lateral Thinking judgements through the use of the Emotive Reasoning Computational Tools Suite.

The games we have produced in C2Learn demonstrate the possibilities offered by these various background technologies, which can be used in the design of many more different games!

Are you interested in the source code of our ‘behind-the-scenes’ technologies? Have a look at the following links to the GitHub repository:

C2Assistants services: https://github.com/institutedigitalgames/c2assistants

Semantic Reasoning Tools Suite: https://github.com/CRU-NCSRD/Semantic-Reasoning-Tools

Diagrammatic Reasoning Tools Suite: https://github.com/CRU-NCSRD/Diagrammatic-Reasoning-Tools

Emotive Reasoning Tools Suite: https://github.com/CRU-NCSRD/Emotive-Reasoning-Tools

Creativity Profiling Server: https://github.com/CRU-NCSRD/CPS