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Our games and playful activities can be used independently, each one of them alone, or more of them together in various combinations, in several learning situations, or simply for fun. But we create games and playful activities with the ‘big picture’ in mind: that is, we want to offer you ways and tools for co-creativity in the context of valuable learning experiences, inspired by the concept of Wise Humanising Creativity.

For this reason, next to the individual games and playful activities, we have developed C2Space: a gameful social digital space designed to foster co-creativity in learning. In it, gameful co-creative learning experiences are structured in Creative Quests, Creative Missions, and Creative Challenges. C2Space is a rich environment, with many things for learners and teachers to choose to use in their co-creative learning voyages: from some very special, co-creativity-informed tags that we have devised for you to use instead of a simple ‘like’ on the creations, to awards that a teacher can create for their students.

Three of our games, 4Scribes, Iconoscope, and Creative Stories, are fully integrated into C2Space to offer you a unified experience. Using them in the environment means, for example, that your creations and creative learning experiences are stored there for you to share them with your peers and reflect or get feedback on them in wider time frames. Next to these three games, you can of course use the other C2Learn games and playful activities, as well as any other games or materials, in combination with C2Space.

To download and install 4Scribes for C2Space on your Android tablet:

To download and install Iconoscope for C2Space on your Android tablet:

To download and install Creative Stories for C2Space on your Android tablet:

You can try C2Space here: Please contact us at for further information and login credentials.

If you want to set up your own C2Space virtual machine, please read the VM Installation Guide and download the appropriate VM installation package below:

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