c2learn, what we do

In C2Learn we work on the crossroads of creativity, learning, and digital games. Our technologies, methodologies and practices aim to foster creativity and creative thinking in formal and informal learning settings.

Our work is grounded on current understandings of creativity in education and creative thinking. These meet with digital games and intelligent technologies to provide young learners and educators with opportunities for creative learning and teaching.

We have developed games and activities for creative play with words, images, and emotions, as well as a social space for co-creative classrooms and groups. We invite young people to play (with their friends, teachers, family…), to be inspired and generate their own valuable, disruptive ideas, without sacrificing the sheer pleasure of play.

We are extroverts. C2Challenges is our scheme of public calls for action based on the C2Learn concept. We motivate people to play and be creative towards specific aims, such as winning a contest. There are general C2Challenges and specialized C2Challenges for teachers and schools.

In C2Academy, through a variety of training activities we explore synergies of creativity and digital games in formal and informal learning spaces. We co-design innovation together with the participants, with their own professional context in mind.

Overall, in C2Learn we apply co-creativity in practice. We never work in isolation from people’s needs and aspirations for enhanced creativity in teaching and learning practice. We work closely together with learners and educators, and we regularly discuss and co-design innovation with stakeholders in the landscape of learning and learning technologies.

To find out more about our creative voyage, the knowledge we have gained and the outcomes of our work: project.c2learn.eu

You can read the full documentation of our work in our project deliverables.

For an overview of the project and its outcomes, please have a look at our Knowledge Kit.